I’m so happy that you made it here and that our worlds allied to bring us closer and weave us together in this reading corner of the virtual web. From today forward, please know I welcome you to my heart and will keep you there, and I am here cheering you on all your endeavors and adventures to have the life you want and deserve.

I know you may be tired and burned out with so much information about how to live your life and be more this that and less than that; I know I am! That is one of the main reasons I bravely decided to go against the norm and the "one solution fits all" approach and instead contribute to collective healing by strengthening self-agency and self-advocacy because you and your intuition know what is best for you!

Each of us has unique circumstances and upbringings tinted with multiple shapes and colors that influence our adult life. My sincere intention with my writing and work is to support you in remembering how valuable your existence is and that your healing and wellness in all aspects of your life is a vital element to collective healing.

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As for the paying subscription, I believe in reciprocity and that when giving with an open heart, prosperity will find its way to compensate for my work.  Therefore, there is no paying subscription. All of you will receive the same content - Yet- do you know that Substack considers a newsletter successful if 10% of total subscriptions are paid? If you find my work meaningful and valuable, and you’re able, please consider becoming a paid subscriber.

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Immigrant Woman and Integrated Therapists that accompany others' journeys to wholeness, unleashing their inner medicine through nature and ancestral healing for generational impact.